HELLO EVERYONE! Long time, no post, but I'm sure this one will make up for it! I am super super excited to announce that I am a trusty LEGEND Compression Wear Ambassador, for 2017! 


Well, If you haven't heard of them, I am sorry for you, because they are one of the best compression wear companies ever. They have a variety of different compression products, from compression sleeves to compression recovery socks that are all so good and so effective! Their mission is to improve the performance of every athlete - from the causal jogger to the competitive triathlete and makes products that make you perform your best. They care about the health of your legs, but are mostly concerned about the long-term health of your legs... and thats why they suggest wearing their compression gear, because it compresses your legs to keep them from getting worn down. And they mean it when they say FOR YOUR LIFE & LEGS®! BUT NOW, lets talk about compression gear... 


Basically, people wear it in order to improve their blood flow + circulation, better their legs + their health, and improve swelling + fatigue + aching in the legs, as well as discomfort all around. You can wear certain compression socks/sleeves during your run or other exercises, or if you wear the recovery socks, wear them after your workout. Compression is great, if you want to keep your legs nice and healthy for a long time. In the "Purpose" section of this blog, it talks about what its good for specifically → 


The purpose of compression is to put a lot of pressure on your legs, so then it helps the veins move the blood back towards the heart. If you were them during your physical activities, it increases your performance by increasing oxygen levels = more endurance and power. It improves blood circulation + decreases your risk of getting DTV - Deep Vein Thrombosis which is a blood clot deep in your vein, usually in your legs. Compression Gear also reduces muscle fatigue, increases the bodies responsiveness and reduces injuries. After your workout, Compression gear reduces soreness + accelerates your recovery cycle, by enhancing your bodies cardiovascular system. Doesn't compression sound awesome? 


SO, now that you know a little about LEGEND compression wear + compression wear in general, go buy some from LEGEND. AND You can use MY CODE  to get $15 OFF your first order! I know, right?! Oh, and if you are just intrigued about compression and allll of its benefits, visit http://legendcompressionwear.com for more information! 

xx, healthywithzoë