So, you might ask yourself... why is a young girl like her, taking the time write all this research about food and nutrition and health in general? Well, let me answer that for you... 


I, fortunately enough, have been able to grow up in a household that provides me with the money and resources to be able to afford healthy food. That has allowed me to explore a passion that I might have never had, if the situation was otherwise. But since I have those resources, I have used them to my advantage... right mom and dad?! HAH oh yes I have! 

The reason I am taking my free time to write about health and nutrition, unlike whatever kids my age do during their free time, is because I love it and it is truly my passion! I love to research and learn more things about what can make our body function better and make us feel good. I love learning about sustainability and what we can do to help our environment and the carbon footprint that we are leaving behind! And with all that information, I love to tell people about what i've learned and share with them what I love... and that my friends, if you haven't figured it out, is being healthy and true to yourself! 

With that, I hope you all enjoy my blog that will hopefully do, all that I have created it for. Enjoy:) 

xx, healthywithzoë