The Life I Love to Live

I love to run. Nothing makes me happier than running through the mountains, smiling in the sun, the feeling of accomplishment.

This is me. Loving what I do.

This is me. Loving what I do.

Has anyone ever felt pain before? Destroyed from a hardship that they are going through? It could be physical pain, or emotional pain. I know I definitely have. Maybe not as extreme as others, but I could say I’ve had my fair share. What makes running most appealing and beautiful to me? It is the fact that you can feel pain and suffering in the moment, either from the huge climb you’ve been ascending for miles, or the heat interfering with your long run, but then be rewarded in the end. It might have not been the simplest reward, but it sure was worth it. As people say, “beauty is pain,” and I definitely believe that.

Again, I love what I do, and I hope I can inspire you all to do what allows you to see the beauty through the pain.

xx, healthywithzoë